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INNOVATE Nashville Laurie Oswald InteraWorks 2023

INNOVATE Nashville shines spotlight on InteraWorks and CEO Laurie Oswald

The INNOVATE Global book series has just released INNOVATE Nashville, featuring both InteraWorks and CEO Laurie Oswald in its collection of the top 100 thought leaders and innovators in the Nashville business community. The stated mission of the series is to create a global tribe of innovators and a platform to allow them to share their ideas and accomplishments in a meeting of the minds to encourage the free flow of ideas and knowledge.

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InteraWorks partners with DevDigital for new Best Year Yet integrated app

InteraWorks Partners with Nashville’s DevDigital for New App

InteraWorks has announced a new partnership with Nashville-based software development company DevDigital to create a new app for its flagship Best Year Yet program. The new app will have a new easier to use interface that also integrates with its other core offerings, including powerhouse productivity program Effective EDGE allowing users to easily connect their personal and professional goal setting with their day-to-day action planning from their phones, tablets, and laptops in real time.

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