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At InteraWorks, we believe in the symbiotic relationship between organizations and people. A relationship where organizations thrive because of the people in them and people thrive because of the environment organizations have created. Our leadership development programs support people in improving their performance and development and through this we help organizations achieve the results they want.

A New View


InteraWorks knows people are human beings, even at work. Organizations with empowered people achieve the extraordinary. Today’s workforce is multigenerational and more diverse than ever, and today’s work environment is more complex than ever. This means we need a whole new view of people at work with an evolved framework that isn’t entrenched in outdated assumptions. One that includes flexibility, creativity, innovation, and meaningful work.


InteraWorks uses the latest advancements in neuroscience to develop an integrated approach to employee performance and development. True transformation to make lasting changes to your mindset combined with practical models and hands-on application means everyone wins. In short, we help people help themselves be the best they can be. And when people are at their best, businesses benefit, too.

Integrating Performance and Development

Our portfolio is designed to integrate employee performance and employee development. It’s based on more than 30 years of digging deep; understanding the human brain and developing strategies that work. Blending unique content with the tools, processes, and technology creates more productive behaviors and mindsets.  We’ve identified 4 primary areas critical to creating results for both individuals and companies. Our Performance Portfolio connects the dots to allow our clients to achieve their best results.

Mastery Practices Continue the Transformation


InteraWorks knows every good system requires maintenance. Continuous improvement in employee performance and employee development comes with practice as we literally rewire the brain to allow mastery to emerge. That’s why all of our programs include Mastery Practices — monthly refresher sessions that are complimentary and facilitated live. These 1-hour micro-learning bites help support implementation and integration of what’s been learned. It’s amazing what a difference one hour can make.

Foundation You Can Build On


Lives Changed

People who have used our tools and training to create the results that matter most


Countries Impacted

Countries who have hosted our transformative programs


Hours Repurposed

Average hours per week recovered for our participants so far this year


Connect Learning to Outcomes

Producing Results®


We’re leading a new conversation about what it takes to produce extraordinary results. People are infinitely capable and resilient if given the space and the resources to support their growth. We’ve trained people at companies big and small around the world. Get to know us, and then let’s talk about how we can help you, too.

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