The InteraWorks Story



At InteraWorks, we are redefining productivity and performance. We offer the world’s most practical and meaningful performance and development framework, which we created by bringing together Effective Edge and Best Year Yet along with the Essentials Programs and a commitment to social responsibility. We empower untapped potential in people at all levels by equipping them with the purpose, clarity, freedom, and tools they need to achieve better results.

Like our programs, we think we’re pretty unique. Ours is a culture of creativity dependent on trust, built with compassion, and grown by focusing on the work that matters most. Our team reaches executives and professionals in more than 70 countries delivering increased capacity and engagement to generate consistent results.

Our Name and Logo

“Intera” means whole, entire, complete, full, intact, thorough, livelong, exclusive and also is a word-forming element meaning “within, inside, on the inside, from Latin “intra” on the inside, within.   

“Works” meaning the effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. The productive or operative activity of, for, or concerning work. “The works” meaning entirety, all, all the extra things that may be offered with something; the means by which something happens. 

Our Logo also reflects the theme of integrating distinct elements.  

It represents our pledge to Diversity and Inclusion as we recognize that the key is to honor what makes us unique, while promoting our relationship to one another and the whole. 

The “negative space” invites a new perspective; one that allows for an easy flow from one aspect to another, and reminds us that each day we have the opportunity to take a deeper look at things; to learn and grow. We celebrate each aspect as unique, distinct, and each is essential to the whole.

Any way you slice it; the word InteraWorks has multi-dimensional aspects and powerful connotations for individuals, teams and organizations.   

  • It embodies the stand we are taking to create integrated learning systems that enable human beings to source energy, innovation and motivations from the inside out.   
  • It represents our promise to teams and organizations to optimize and support cohesive, self-organizing systems that can withstand and even thrive during times of uncertainty and chaos. 
  • It reflects our abiding commitment and relationship to our communities and the organizations who serve them. 

These are the aspects that enable individuals and organizations to perform at their very best.

Our Why


Our purpose is to elevate the human experience and empower individuals to find their own purpose and reach their full potential. We believe the path to this success isn’t a quick fix or small bandage. We believe in a journey lived all year long, again and again, in a continuous upward cycle of learning and growth. We believe in the long game and investing in the human potential that can transform both people and organizations producing results year after year.

We believe in the symbiotic relationship between organizations and people. A relationship where organizations thrive because of the people in them and people thrive because of the environment the organizations have created. We support people in improving their performance and development and through this we help organizations get the results they want

Our What


InteraWorks is the next generation of learning and development. Combining experiential learning, technology, and yearlong development paths, our programs can be applied to professionals of all levels and transform the way your work gets done. We balance our proven mindset and methodologies with integrated practical systems and technologies that ensure your success.

We partner with organizations that want to do big things and value the people who work within those organizations. Ones that know creating the right environment is the right thing to do. Our clients have used our programs to set world records, generate explosive business growth, fuel turnarounds, climb mountains, hit key annual goals, launch new products to the world, and successfully tackle countless other challenges.

Our How

We provide a truly integrated learning experience that’s practical, powerful, and provides immediate results. Our systems work because we combine theory and science with belief and behavior transformation. We expand the reach of people through action, habit, mindset, focus, and prioritization. Our technology and support make it easy for everyone to use our process and continue to achieve results month after month and year after year.

Our History


InteraWorks has a deep history in human development and high value learning systems. Our legacy businesses, including Effective Edge and Best Year Yet, have enabled professionals and teams to generate powerful results for decades. Founded and developed in 1995 by Christina Randle, Effective Edge transforms the way work gets done through modern approaches to productivity. Best Year Yet, developed by Jinny Ditzler in 1980 and co-founded with Tim Ditzler in 1997, empowers the best in human beings to accomplish the results that matter most. They are pioneers in combining behavior change and mindset shifts. InteraWorks has built on this foundation by incorporating the wisdom of our founders along with new perspectives, new programs and new approaches to improve the quality of the human experience.

Our Future


Your future is our future. We’re here to help you succeed and reach your goals. We’ll continue to evolve to meet your needs and those of an ever-changing global landscape.

We’re recreating what it means to be “business people.” We’re building our own legacy that’s true to our values. Our goal is to create and grow a connected community that has what it needs to accomplish what matters most. We’re thinking big, with plans to reach 10 million people across the globe, to provide a thriving and sustainable model where everyone is empowered to live their best lives. And we’re just getting started.