Here in the jumbled cacophony of 21st century, the living voice of wisdom is often drowned out by the stammering demands for results, accomplishment, achievement, growth, wealth, fame, success. Is there still a place for wisdom in our culture; in our communities; in our hearts?

From Seeing a Need to Creating a Change

We’ve all seen powerful heartwarming stories. A child is inspired to help a neighbor, hospital worker, or some other cause that led him or her to action, to try and make a difference no matter how small. At first, it might be a lemonade stand or making bracelets out of thread to sell for $1 each with a modest goal of $50 or $100. And then something unexpected happens.

Education’s Infinite Possibilities

As we gear up for the 2021-22 School Year, it is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we share the success of our school district partnerships.  We applaud our extraordinary leaders on the successful finish to one of the most challenging school years brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) brings many unexpected benefits.  CSR is more than just a passing trend, especially among young adults, who are pushing companies to integrate CSR into their mission and practices.

The Heart of Service

I believe that being of service is a normal, natural state of being – it reflects the highest attributes that we possess as human beings, but those who choose to commit their entire lives in service to others are exceptional indeed.

Four Ways Corporate Philanthropy Can Lead a Post-COVID Breakthrough

Some of the challenges we face today may seem insurmountable, as many are still under duress from the threats of the pandemic. The opportunities for corporate philanthropy to make a difference are emerging to fill critical gaps. Here are four that rise to the top.

Profile of a Change-Maker

This month we are excited to introduce you to a difference-maker whose leadership inspires us with clear steps toward what is possible for the future, Caroline Rabar-Okong’o.

Our Clients Speak for Themselves!

This month we’d like to share about our impact from another perspective – that of the people we serve. Here are just a couple of comments we’ve had from grantees who’ve experienced first-hand the difference that working with the Best Year Yet Foundation has made for them and the communities they serve. breakthrough. 

Beyond a Comeback and Into a Breakthrough

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Foundation Friday of 2021! As we turn the calendar on a new year, many of us are still feeling the impacts of 2020.  At the Best Year Yet Foundation, our focus goes way beyond a comeback and into a clear vision of a people-powered breakthrough.