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Powerful Partnering for Change in your Community


“True philanthropy requires a disruptivemindset, innovative thinking, and a philosophy driven by entrepreneurial insights and creative opportunities.” 

-Naveen Jain


Businesses and nonprofits are looking for ways to deepen their impact in the world more than ever before. The economic and social climate of recent years has ushered in increased interest in meaningful for-profit and nonprofit partnerships – especially those that can impact a wide swath of their communities. When looking at where to start, close to home is a great place to jump in – one that helps create a culture of support and cooperation that can change your community in deep and meaningful ways.

Frontlines Initiative

Our Best Year Yet Foundation Frontlines Initiative was created to help make communities better through corporate sponsorships that can support key areas of need at the ground level. We focus on areas with daily impact including education leaders and teachers, first responders, healthcare professionals, and other essential workers.

Through our Frontlines Initiative, we can partner to equip those workers with the tools and skills that they need to meet the moment.

Our goals for these workers and teams within this initiative are:

  • To ensure top priorities are elevated and executed on with minimized distraction, increased focus, and reduced overwhelm
  • To design work/life balance to avoid burnout and increase retention
  • To empower productive conversations to help with alignment, communication, and teaming to address the momentous challenges they address daily
  • To foster environments that are conducive to innovation, teaming and fresh approaches that enhance successful outcomes
  • To create resiliency in the face of challenge

Why donate corporate sponsorship dollars to your local frontline workers?

  • You are reaching new audiences and furthering your corporate impact through:
    • Filling gaps in support for nonprofits whose donations took huge hits during the pandemic
    • Supporting organizations addressing diversity and social justice issues
    • Building relationships with organizations that define your community over generations including schools, healthcare facilities, law enforcement, mental health services, and others
    • Aligning yourself with community leaders and initiatives to make your community a better place to live, work, and raise families
    • Increasing your own staff engagement through cross-sector collaborations, providing purpose, and improving retention rates
  • You get to see your sponsorship in action through:
    • Bringing resources to your community that may not otherwise have been accessible – resources that employees, friends, and even your own family might need along the way
    • Being part of the conversations that shape your community
    • Building a movement and inspiring others to support the community as they see you building excitement and momentum for additional giving
    • Creating visibility for your corporate brand’s social responsibility and positive relationships within your communities

We have a great opportunity here to reduce a significant amount of suffering and burden on our own streets – all at a relatively low cost.

How You Can Help

The best way to help your community is to take action through a partnership with the Best Year Yet Foundation. Charitable donations, individual supporters, and corporate champions are partnering with us to create long-term solutions and dynamic culture shifts that lift organizations and their impact to a completely new level.

Together we’re causing ripples that create an impact – one that continues far beyond our direct reach, often further than we could have ever imagined.

Reach out today for more information about how your business or organization can support the important work of the Best Year Yet Foundation in your own community.

Make a donation or contact us to find out more about how your business or organization can support the important work of the Best Year Yet Foundation.

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