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Every day, we’re so inundated with complexity that our attention is exhausted. The emails are nonstop, there are constant back-to-back meetings, and yet another fire drill. This overwhelm translates into an inability to reach our full performance potential. With each day busier than the last and a never-ending to-do list, time is the most precious commodity we have.

By overcoming the constant disruption and chaos so prevalent in today’s workplace, Effective Edge essentially creates capacity by managing focus so that individuals and teams can get more done. It’s a proven approach to take care of everything that comes at you in a day, allowing you to achieve success and flow. Effective Edge is one of our core offerings at InteraWorks and central to focus, time and task management.

Everything in One Place


The easiest way to improve quality of life and employee performance potential is to get organized. When we know what our priorities are and have all our actions in one centralized location, we can focus and apply our attention and energy to accomplishing the things that are most important to us.

We also integrate learning about how the brain functions and why that is key to managing digital addictions and distractions, as well as reducing multi-tasking, so that we can sustain focus and performance over time.

Workshops that Work

Effective Edge can be offered as a standalone program or within existing corporate initiatives such as a Leadership Development or Employee Onboarding Programs. This program uses your existing technology, making key methodologies easy to implement in a step-by-step process resulting in a productivity dashboard to manage work and life flow.

Just some of the results you’ll see

  • Fully integrated, system with all email, voice mail, and meetings, in one centralized location
  • Clearly defined and prioritized planning and action items
  • Efficient process to manage calendar and day to day tasks
  • Email management system
  • Effective tracking system to manage follow–ups and delegate where appropriate
  • More time focused on strategic priorities
  • Increased sense of employee well-being
  • Lower stress and less burnout
  • Less reactivity 
  • Improved customer responsiveness 

Offered live onsite or virtual remote format, this program creates the capacity to focus on what matters most and has for over 20 years.

Mastery Practices Continue the Transformation


As with all our programs, Effective Edge also includes Mastery Practices — monthly learning sessions that are complimentary and facilitated live. These 1-hour micro-learning bites help support implementation and integration of what’s been learned. It’s amazing what a difference one hour can make.

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