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Complex Work Environments Demand a New Way of Thinking

InteraWorks knows that what have been traditionally called “soft” skills are really the essential skills that can  make or break a team, project, or culture. Further, these skills most critical to success are ones that are not usually taught – like how to focus, collaborate, communicate, and adjust when the going gets tough. How can we expect to thrive in complex work environments when we don’t have the essential skills we need? InteraWorks has developed a suite of programs called the Essentials to teach these important skills. With these essential skills, people naturally access their inner resources to accomplish amazing things.

Our Essentials Programs

The Essentials introduce new content and highly experiential learning to take employee performance to a new level. Each is designed to help you to deal with the most common workplace challenges that can throw you and your team off track. All programs address how our brains can develop habitual ways of thinking that limit our ability to lead, communicate, innovate, and adjust in ever-evolving complex environments. We then provide cutting edge perspectives combined with immediately implementable and practical tools to deepen your learning and develop a sense of mastery.

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive,
but those who can best manage change.”

~ Charles Darwin

Creating Executive Presence InteraWorks

Presenting with Executive Presence

Sharpen your executive presentation and other public and professional speaking skills while getting a handle on the core elements of an effective presentation.

Powerful Decision-Making

Leverage ALL your resources, including data and informed intuition, to think critically, evaluate options, unravel complexity and move forward with velocity to make timely, wise, and well-informed decisions.

Conscious conversations

Conscious Conversations

Develop the skills to help you talk with anyone about anything and reach alignment on important matters, including how to manage conversations when emotions are strong and the stakes are high.

Practical Project Management

Practical Project Management

Learn the competitive advantage that differentiates between success and failure in team endeavors with this powerful approach to create alignment, focus, integrity, and accountability for teams. 

Conflict to Collaboration

Move people past challenging interactions, bad habits, and hidden issues to a path of lasting resolution and open communication – one that avoids settling for bittersweet compromise and seeds of resentment.

Activating Empathy

Activating Empathy

Create and expand your capacity to
listen, understand, consider, include, and develop more open relationships for a culture of increased connections, possibilities, and new opportunities.

Inside Out Leadership

Inside-Out Leadership

Learn the 4 basic skills leaders must master to establish self-awareness and growth mindset,  as well as display and inspire creative calm and decisive strength – leading to exceptional results.

Cultivating well-being

Cultivating Well-Being

Experience a refreshing approach to productivity and performance through the lens of well-being, focusing on beliefs and methods that result in greater energy, focus, and balance.

Scenario Planning

Enhance the ability to see beyond current assumptions about the future and develop  a new way of thinking to address complexity of both the foreseeable and the unknownable.

Habit Building interaworks

Habit Building

Discover the key to response flexibility—the capacity to shift gears, shift perspectives, shift our attitude and our approach to whatever is happening through improved resiliency and ability to innovate.

Illustration of inspiring through influence

Inspiring through Influence

Explore the skills of persuasion and influence in the workplace and how they can be honed and utilized to increase leadership skills, credibility, agility, and ultimately, personal and team performance.  

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“We are what we repeatedly do. 

Excellence then is a habit.”

~ Aristotle