Case Studies and Stories

“The connection economy is built on ecosystems, and they depend on partnerships.”  ~ Seth Godin


Our client partners are exploring what is possible when a fully engaged team has the right tools and is focused on producing results that matter. We’re uplifted and endlessly inspired by their successes. We take great joy in sharing news of solutions, of fearlessness, and perseverance. Together we’re defying apathy and celebrating the good work that makes a difference. Click on the links below to read and hear more. 

“The Best Year Yet program was
a revelation.”

Monika Bajka
Director and Board President, Anioly House of Guardian Angels

“We just killed it last year. It was really amazing.”

Jennifer Seay
Founder and President,
Art + Artisans

“It’s so much better than it
ever was before.”

Sara Osterhaus
Sr. Director, Human Resources Schneider Electric

“We’re working less
and getting more results.”

Bryan Sharkey
Director of Ground Operations
Southwest Airlines

“The weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders.”

Tami King
Learning and Development Manager, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

“It was truly a game
changer for me”

Melissa Hobbs
Program Specialist, Texas Dept. Child and Protective Services

“Feel the fear,
but do it anyway.”

Angela Astle
Executive Director
The Athena Project

“Nothing falling
through the cracks.”

Jeni Golomb
Chief Marketing Officer
Daisy Brand

“A clean head and
an excited heart.”

Barry Davis
Chief Executive Officer

“I’m now managing a calendar and my priorities instead of managing my inbox.”

Christopher Moore
Five Large Hospitals


“…what was broken, only Best Year Yet could fix”

Trent Minneman
Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.

“When it starts to feel like everything else is falling apart around us, my team can circle up and stay focused on following through on what’s important.”

Scott Woods, 
Director, Forest Planning & Implementation Division
Colorado State Forest Service.

“Life happens on the edges…Our interface with life is sharpened at the edge. We discover our greatest zest and our most keen desires at the edge.”

~ Albert Pike