The Wisdom Project

Welcome to The Wisdom Project brought to you through InteraWorks Best Year Yet Foundation. 

This year, each one of us demonstrated true resiliency while leading ourselves, our families, our teams, and our organizations through uniquely challenging times. When we can integrate the wisdom gained through these trials, it becomes an important part of our future growth.

As part of The Wisdom Project the global InteraWorks teams spent several months interviewing participants around the world who are willing to share their own wisdom, harvested through years of life experience. Wisdom resides within our life experiences and more importantly, how we perceive those experiences; our stories if you will.

Daniel Pink the author of A Whole New Mind says ” We are our stories. We compress years of experience, thought and emotion into a few compact narratives that we convey to others and tell to ourselves….What these efforts reveal is a hunger for what stories can provide–context enriched by emotion, a deeper understanding of how we fit in and why that matters.”

Like a teacup gives shape to the tea, our stories give shape and meaning to our lives. Therefore, the central question of any human’s life is: “What story will you tell?”

Please enjoy reading some of the stories we’ve collected. And then leave your own. Your story may be the very one that provides another human being with much needed perspective, insight, or hope.