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Layered learning in small bites deepen new habits


What does it take to master a new skill, to change old ways of doing things, and sustain new positive habits rather than give in to the familiar that no longer serves us? The answer is consistency and practice! Simple. However, simple doesn’t always mean easy. Old habits are hard to break without support, reinforcement, root understanding, and repetition to create a new norm. That’s where our InteraWorks Mastery Practices come into play with layered learning to deepen those new habits that get the results you want.

Mastery Practices


The Our Mastery Practices are 1-hour learning sessions that are facilitated live online. We recognize true learning requires reinforcement to make the learning stick. These interactive microlearning bites help participants avoid old behavior patterns and integrate new skills into their everyday work life for true sustainable learning. It’s amazing what a difference a single hour can make. They are available as a year-long learning package and are also strong standalone topics – perfect for a training series, as well as in support of sustainability for all our programs. 

Actions and Attitudes

Actions and Attitudes

Maintaining the grit necessary to achieve the most important aims can be exhausting. Planning alone won’t work. Neither will taking actions without a clear plan. This course will refresh your mindset, revive inspiration toward meaningful goals, and uncover the power of combining actions and attitudes for synergistic results that will change everything.

Alignment Interaworks Mastery Practices


Teams are dealing with more complexity than ever before. While adding various tools, processes, and resources help, there remains a secret ingredient that thriving teams utilize to achieve success. Learn what it is – and how to keep it alive and create a team that gets things done and supports its members!

Attention Management

Attention Management

When asked what factor is most attributed to success, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet answered, “Focus.”  To get favorable results in a world full of distraction and noise, it’s vital to focus attention on what matters. Discover how to leverage the power of focus to become more productive, impactful, and organized!

Creating Trust Interaworks Mastery Practices

Creating Trust

Wasted time, misunderstandings, and missing opportunities often begin with false assumptions. Whatever the source, you can learn how to look inward to discover where, when, and why they occur – and how to stop losing out to them personally and professionally.

Get and Use Support

Get and Use Support

With a high degree of anxiety, stress, and burnout in the average workplace, it takes a village to achieve goals. Still we resist getting support from others. This session explores barriers to asking for help and teaches you how to increase confidence to make bold requests!

Get and Use Support

Gold Time

Things that matter most should never be at the mercy of things that matter least. Gold Time covers research-proven principles to reveal how to finally overcome procrastination and busywork and instead, maximize your time to generate the most meaningful results. 

Limiting Beliefs

There are people who are dangerously awesome, but spend too many years playing small and safe. The negative impact is huge over time – to them, the people they love and support, and the mission of their organizations. Learn how to manage those limiting thoughts to unleash your own talent and strength.

Mastering Change

Mastering Change

While we know adaptability is critical to future success, our brain’s natural response to impending change is resistance. Learn how to transform your approach to change, shift your mindset, and embrace new strategies to transform your approach to work, and achieve desired outcomes.

Myth of Simplicity InteraWorks Mastery Practices

Myth of Simplicity

Challenges in our world are becoming more complex. Fortunately, human beings are designed to manage ambiguity and excel at tackling complex problems. Instead of looking for simple solutions that don’t exist, learn to embrace and build on the brain’s ability unravel complexity and ambiguity.

Personal Responsibility InteraWorks Mastery Practices

Personal Responsibility

Intrinsic motivation is vital to tap into the driving force of inspiration to lead with purpose, act with enthusiasm, and generate impactful results. This session provides the tools and insights necessary to improve each hour, day, deliverable, and conversation.

Perspectives InteraWorks Mastery Practices


Everyone has opinions, but they often are not shared, heard, explored and encouraged in today’s world, especially at work. Discover how to help change this in your culture and watch relationships, innovation, teaming, and engagement soar.

Power of Pause InteraWorks Mastery Practices

Power of Pause

While it may sound wildly counterintuitive that working less actually helps get more done, neurological, psychological, and physiological studies, prove it’s true. Learning how to work with your biology and your unending task list will result in the most effective use of time.

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