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What would it feel like to have this be the year you accomplish all that matters the most to you and your business? What’s stopping you from making that happen? Best Year Yet is a proven system that connects people and teams to their “whys” and provides them with the skills and tools they need to reach and exceed their goals. This program uncovers untapped potential and leverages the power of habits, mindset, values, and planning to help people achieve more than imaginable. 

Performance Revisited

People’s lives are integrated professionally and personally. When one area of a person’s life is flourishing, that energy extends over to all other areas of their life. It’s not about the compartmentalization of work/life balance; it’s about the steady back and forth flow of work/life integration.

Whether goals are professional or personal, they must always link to intrinsic motivations for humans to be fully engaged. This presents an opportunity to integrate all aspects of human potential for both the individual and the organization to win.

Workshops that Work for You

Best Year Yet can be used as a stand-alone program or within existing corporate initiatives such as Individual Development Planning, a Leadership Development Program, or an Employee Onboarding Program. While we love to consider people holistically, we can also tailor the program to focus specifically on professional goal setting if that works best for your organization. Whatever challenge you’re facing with setting and achieving your goals, Best Year Yet can help.

Our program walks through a unique process of introspection, discussion, learning, growth, and integration of the concepts to develop a 12-month plan that will allow for authentic engagement, innovation, and inspiration. Our Producing Results® Online (PRO) tracking and scoring software allows for easy progress tracking and our mobile apps for Apple and Android keep priorities top of mind.

Best Year Yet can also be tailored for specific functions such as Professionals, Leaders, and Executives and is especially effective when offered as a Team Planning program.

Just some of the results you’ll see

In this program, participants will:
  • Develop a focused one-page plan for the year that complements internal development plans, KPIs, and top priorities
  • Establish a monthly review process for accountability and resolving problem areas quickly
  • Leverage talents to achieve what matters most while reducing burn out
And organizations will realize these benefits:
  • Skyrocketing employee performance and engagement 
  • Establishing a culture of accountability 
  • Empowering untapped innovation
  • Applying existing intrinsic motivations to organizational goals

Offered live remotely or onsite, this program has been changing lives globally for nearly four decades.

Mastery Practices Continue the Transformation


As with all our programs, Best Year Yet also includes Mastery Practices – monthly learning sessions that are complimentary and facilitated live. These 1-hour micro-learning bites help support implementation and integration of what’s been learned. It’s amazing what a difference one hour can make.

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“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

~ Abraham Lincoln