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Education’s Infinite Possibilities

As we gear up for the 2021-22 School Year, it is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we share the success of our school district partnerships.  We applaud our extraordinary leaders on the successful finish to one of the most challenging school years brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Your creativity and love for connecting did not go unnoticed and we are thankful for you.  One of our founders, Jinny Ditzler, said that “Everyone deserves to have a life that matters and a path to reach their fullest potential.”  Here is what we have been doing to that end.

We implemented our dynamic framework in the great states of Pennsylvania, Texas, and Florida working with State, County, District, School, and afterschool initiatives. Having had two parents working in education during my youth, it felt natural and refreshing to lead the legacy forward by working with educator communities.

New Thinking

In times past, most of the professional development was curriculum specific focusing on implementing programs.  We launched new thinking for the leadership teams creating new visions and new mindsets while leveraging systems and tools to enhance their attention management.  Previously, attention management was something reserved for professional athletes and elite soldiers. However, we have created space for Educational Leaders to recognize that attention, and like other finite resources, it must be managed intelligently.  The impact has been tremendous. We redefined what it means to be productive while reducing reactive behavior (and the stress that goes along with it) – helping participants reclaim some personal and professional balance in addition to improved focus and results in identified key areas.

New Skills

We had the distinct pleasure of working with some of the nation’s best educational leaders who are committed to making student performance the top priority.  Our Leaders are aware that new skillsets are required to be more aware of awareness itself and to achieve their goals.  They understand that achieving mastery of this new awareness is a life-long commitment to the practice of implementing new skills.  Our learning framework enabled them to have a clear mind and excited heart as they removed limiting beliefs and aligned on new behavior changes, positively impacting every area of their lives.

New Relationships

Working with accomplished individuals across multiple disciplines, it became clear that having quality relationships both professionally and personally matter.  Applying focus and concentration are at the heart of this successful endeavor more than any other factor. In fact, this is what separates average performers from peak performers.  Our Educational communities are a family, and we believe that having systems and tools to support how they communicate allows each campus to be transformed into the high-powered life-giving institution that it was designed to be.  Our leaders are successfully navigating the complexity of commitments and agreements, as well as ongoing expectations and unexpected changes from stakeholders, helping them deliver results while remaining in integrity with the people they serve. We are thrilled to continue our educational partnerships, staying true to our mission to transform the future of our students and communities one leader at a time.

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Thomas Ramsey

Relationship  Lead & Facilitator