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Frontline Initiative

Welcome to the first Foundation Friday of 2022!

Please take a few moments to hear from Best Year Yet Foundation Executive Director, Aaron Cohen,
as he discusses the foundation’s focus for 2022 – The Frontline Initiative.

“It feels big and nerve-racking to think about what might happen if we don’t step up now.”

How You Can Help

Through charitable donations our supporters, individuals as well as corporate champions, are partnering with us to transform countless lives around the globe. The Best Year Yet Foundation empowers people to create long-term solutions and dynamic culture shifts that lift organizations and their impact to a completely new level. Contributions of any size make a difference. We also partner with individuals and companies who have specific qualified organizations they want to help.

Together we’re causing ripples that create an impact – one that continues far beyond our direct reach, often further than we could have ever imagined.

Make a donation or contact us to find out more about how your business or organization can support the important work of the Best Year Yet Foundation.

*Once you click the “Make a donation” link above, the “Donate” button is halfway down the page.

Aaron Cohen

Executive Director, Best Year Yet Foundation