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The How & Why of Partnership

Join us in a series of weekly Foundation Fridays – celebrating the creation of our Best Year Yet Foundation and the impact it continues to bring to our global communities.

Take a moment to hear from Best Year Yet Foundation Executive Director, Aaron Cohen, regarding the benefits for you or your organization partnering with the Foundation to make a lasting impact on your community.

Ways to Partner:

We make grants to organizations that provide the full suite of InteraWorks programs including Best Year Yet,  Effective Edge, and Essentials – along with ongoing Mastery Practices

  • Examples:
    • Leadership programs in Kenya
    • At-risk families and youth in Poland
    • School districts in Florida and Texas

Companies, corporate foundations, and family foundations sponsor programs on behalf of nonprofit organizations they serve.

  • Example:
    • A family foundation in NE Wisconsin that has partnered with us for the last 4 years to sponsor programs for non-profit organizations in a 5 county region that reaches nearly 500,000 people

The Jinny Ditzler Legacy Fund
In honor of the late Jinny Ditzler, these are fully subsidized programs for organizations that transform the lives of children, teens, and families.

  • Example:
    • The Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay – in Q3 2021 alone we supported the leadership team with an Effective Edge program and completed our 3rd quarter of Best Year Yet annual strategic planning and goal setting. Each quarter this team is responsible for leading 81 direct and indirect reports, reaching 2,000 families

Benefits of Partnership:


Proven programs that make a real difference for organizations that would never otherwise have the budget and access to these top corporate programs.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Brand

Companies, foundations, and brands that we partner with demonstrate impact and service in the communities they live in

Attraction and Retention of Talent

The next generation of top talent wants to work for companies that give back and create opportunities for them to do so as well. Partnering with the Best Year Yet Foundation is an easy, powerful way to participate and demonstrate impact.

For more information on how The BestYear Yet Foundation can work with your company or foundation to create a huge impact for the nonprofits you support, please reach out for a conversation: info@interaworks.com


Aaron Cohen

Executive Director, Best Year Yet Foundation


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