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Our Clients Speak for Themselves

Welcome back to the Best Year Yet Foundation’s monthly newsletter and Foundation Friday. Last month we shared about the cautious optimism that we were hearing from leaders across many sectors as we began 2021. We also shared our hope and commitment to supporting not just a comeback in 2021, but a breakthrough powered by people in their communities all over the world.

This month we’d like to share about our impact from another perspective – that of the people we serve. Here are just a couple of comments we’ve had from grantees who’ve experienced first-hand the difference that working with the Best Year Yet Foundation has made for them and the communities they serve.

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This is an amazing organization that provides a wide range of programs and assistance to the most vulnerable including disaster relief, veterans support, migrant services, and a host of other community programs. They are the perfect example of how the Foundation’s support and programs can have a huge ripple effect that rolls out to thousands of lives by starting with empowering those who create, oversee, and run the grantee organization. Here are two recent notes we received regarding our partnership with them:

“The availability and accessibility of learning and development has spurred creativity, more confident leadership, and a willingness to pursue the expansion of services. These elements help Endeavors achieve and expand our mission and reach. The engagement and excitement around learning and development is alive in our organization.”

“Our Learning and Development is still in its infancy stage; however, within this time we have been able to partner with a handful of learning partners such as Interaworks. We are grateful for the opportunity we were given to offer complimentary sessions, through Interaworks, to our employees and continue to receive feedback through interviews and surveys to “keep the training” coming. We want to inspire a learning culture and we are succeeding.”

Learn more about the organization and its work at https://endeavors.org/

Dom Aniolow Strozow (House of Guardian Angels)

This organization is astounding.  House of Guardian Angels serves children who live on the streets of poverty-stricken cities and their families through services ranging from childcare and learning programs to teen programs geared toward helping them create better lives as adults.

Now in its 3rd year of partnering with the Best Year Yet Foundation and Best Year Yet Partner Katarzyna Jaroska-Kuroska , House of Guardian Angels is a model of how a handful of people can come together to have huge impact in their communities. In that short period of time, they went from barely hanging on, high staff burnout and turnover, and low morale to empowered and united in purpose and planning, creating two additional programs, expanding services to three cities, and receiving an award for their outstanding work from the government, increased public funding by 100%, and increase private funding by 150% and became a prestige brand.

“After the success of implementing a Best Year Yet plan with the middle team last year, I had a strong feeling that we needed to go further and create the multilevel structure of responsibility and competency. That was the moment at which it was obvious for me that we needed to make all leaders a part of Best Year Yet to ensure all of us the same standards and way of thinking about mission goals, and tasks. The Best Year Yet program was a revelation.”

– Monika Bajka, Executive Director

Click here to read the inspiring full case study.

Investing in People

To paraphrase an ever-relevant traditional nugget of wisdom, we believe strongly that we can strategically and powerfully move beyond giving a hungry person a fish (though there is a time and place for that as well) and teaching people how to fish so they can sustain themselves and others.

We look forward to sharing more of the amazing work that our grantees, sponsors, facilitators, and coaches achieve globally by starting where there is need in their own communities. We hope you will share in making an impact, investing in people who make a difference in your community and beyond.

Aaron Cohen

Executive Director

Best Year Yet Foundation