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InteraWorks Transforms Conflict Resolution into Solutions@Work

solutions at work conflict resolution

Denver, CO

The new Solutions@Work program from InteraWorks provides the next step in the evolution of conflict resolution. Part of InteraWorks’ Essentials suite of programs, Solutions@Work keeps its focus on the many variables that come into play for teams, including levels of diversity in background, experiences, points of view, approaches to communication, and overall communications skills. The result is a strong effective path to reframing conflict and keeping team members (and their projects) moving forward in alignment.

With the current crisis in the field of conflict resolution demanding new approaches that are sustainable and pragmatic, Solutions@Work moves beyond arbitration and mediation, avoiding the lingering hostilities and resentments that can continue to cause problems for the teams and their ability to create the results they want.

“This program has an amazing engagement factor that starts right out of the gate with participants quickly jumping in to actively participate, share, and converse in ways I have never before experienced in a conflict resolution scenario,” said Cathey Stamps, Marketing and Partner Lead at InteraWorks. “Combining mindset and behaviors, as we do throughout our portfolio, Solutions@Work helps create a powerful shift away from triggers, habits, and emotions to a new way of looking at things together. It removes the negative charge of personal agendas and fears around scarcity to help people step back and see with new eyes.”

Initial pilots have received top-tier reviews and the program is now being rolled out to businesses and organizations globally.

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