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InteraWorks Walks the Talk with Leadership Development

InteraWorks Staff Walks the Talk with Professional Development

Denver, CO

InteraWorks, a global leader in providing transformative leadership development training and coaching, is setting a new standard for employee growth and holistic development. The company’s commitment to elevating the human experience at work is not just a mission statement; it’s a way of life.

“I’m fortunate to work for a company that embodies a commitment to growth and development and that understands that creating and cultivating high-performing teams requires more than just job-specific training,” said Charity Wilkins, Director of Shared Services.

Last year, Charity attended the CFO Conference, a testament to InteraWorks’ dedication to investing in its people. The immersive experience offered valuable networking opportunities, workshops, and inspiring speakers, broadening Charity’s understanding of emerging technology, data leverage for strategic decision-making, and innovative approaches to employee benefits and retention strategies.

Technology Lead, Royann Schmigdall attended Microsoft Ignite in November of 2023. Ignite is held annually and offers attendees the chance to check out the latest tech Microsoft has to offer. “I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a wealth of impactful and informative content,” she said. Royann gained valuable strategic information about new technologies, which empowers InteraWorks to continue its thought leadership in deploying and engaging evolving technologies to support business leadership strategies.

Sales Director, Steve Crawford, took his commitment to self-improvement to the next level by completing a rigorous six-month Coaching for Coaches program and attending the Landmark Forum and the Facilitator’s Xchange. Steve shared, “I’ve always engaged in self-improvement throughout my life. It’s really important because times change, and we evolve. I like to put the foot on the gas of my evolution of always growing.” Steve emphasized the importance of growth for leaders at InteraWorks, stating that it adds arrows to the quiver of his coaching and facilitation game. He highlighted the impact of appreciative inquiry strategies on building deeper connections, not just in business but also with his family.

Director of Practice, Anne McGhee Stinson, recently completed a certification in Vertical Holistic Leadership Development that has validated and bolstered InteraWorks’ approach to leadership development. She noted, “As we look at organizational and leadership development, we’re flattening out the organization and fostering more of an ecosystem than a hierarchy; it’s far more adaptable, far more resilient, far more effective in this new age we’re living into.” Anne explained the focus on vertical development, emphasizing the importance of accessing one’s own resources and wisdom to apply to their skill building development. “We make that holistic and apply it to the entire way we work and live and be in the world, and that is the leadership development of the future,” she reflected.

CEO Laurie Oswald took part in the Leading Personal and Business Transitions Program on the Harvard main campus, hosted by the Women Presidents Organization (WPO) and sponsored in part by Wells Fargo for women business owners. The program was facilitated by Harvard Business School Professors and explored key leadership and ownership transitions as well as topics key to small business execution including expansion, M&A, funding, product innovation and exit planning via case reviews and discussion. The program participants were an international group of women business owners from diverse industries and businesses.

Stephenie Rockwell, Director of Culture and Client Experience, highlighted InteraWorks’ culture of encouraging employees to pursue learning opportunities, fostering an environment where personal and professional growth is not just encouraged but championed. She praised the impact of having the opportunity to take the company’s innovative courses herself on both her personal and professional life. Stephenie reflected, “For over a decade, I’ve embraced the Effective Edge system in Outlook as an integral part of my life. Despite my extensive experience, I make it a point to undergo the full program annually to reinforce sustainability and gain fresh perspectives. Without a doubt, it stands as the most impactful program I’ve ever encountered. I am more present, confident, and balanced as a result.” She said the Best Year Yet program was another highlight for her; she left feeling completely transformed, empowered, and extremely confident that she could achieve every one of her well-designed goals.

Other InteraWorks team members attended a variety of other conferences and trainings, including the Chief Learning Officer Conference, the NeuroLeadership Institute Conference, Facilitator’s XChange trainings, and the WBENC Supplier Diversity Certification, to name a few. InteraWorks continues to lead the way in innovative leadership development, affirming its commitment to the growth and well-being of its employees and the organizations they serve.

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About InteraWorks: InteraWorks is a global learning company on a mission to elevate the human experience at work. Specializing in professional development and performance enablement, we offer top-rated learning programs including Effective Edge, Best Year Yet, and the Essentials series. Our integrated learning framework and online tools generate immediate and sustainable breakthroughs in performance. Through decades of workingat all levels in enterprise companies across many industries, we’ve built a reputation for helping people and organizations harness their focus, mindset, talent and energy to produce results that matter most. www.interaworks.com