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INNOVATE Nashville shines spotlight on InteraWorks and CEO Laurie Oswald

INNOVATE Nashville Laurie Oswald InteraWorks 2023

Denver, CO

The INNOVATE Global book series has just released INNOVATE Nashville, featuring both InteraWorks and CEO Laurie Oswald in its collection of the top 100 thought leaders and innovators in the Nashville business community.

The stated mission of the series is to create a global tribe of innovators and a platform to allow them to share their ideas and accomplishments in a meeting of the minds to encourage the free flow of ideas and knowledge. INNOVATE Nashville makes it clear that there’s a lot more than music going on in Music City. Featured leaders and businesses represent a wide range of  industries including technology, healthcare, government, financial services, community development, education, data and analytics, blockchain, NFTs, and Web 3, as well as social, products, and services innovation.

“We’re honored to be included in this amazing group of people who, like us, want to help address the challenges facing us at this particular time in history,” said Laurie. “Being able to connect what we at InteraWorks are creating in our space with others who are out there doing similar work in their own fields is just so incredible. The inspiration alone is amazing, but even more exciting is the opportunity to meet and learn from each other, and partner where there is a fit, to amply our collective positive impact.”

InteraWorks is in good company, with other featured businesses including Go West Creative, Celero, the Wond’ry, Innovation Studio, Village, Studio Bank, Alto, Nxt Level, The Table, Nashville Entrepreneur Center, and as well as many others.

To view the INNOVATE NASHVILLE e-book version click here

  • Laurie Oswald – page 26
  • InteraWorks – pages 158-161

Cathey Stamps, Marketing and Partner Relationship Lead


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