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InteraWorks Brings the EDGE to Microsoft Teams Training

EDGE for Teams Microsoft Teams

Denver, CO

InteraWorks has launched its new EDGE for Teams, a new program specifically designed to move into the future of work with a strong combination of mindset, strategy, and the tools provided in the Microsoft Teams platform. More than a tutorial, EDGE for Teams breaks out of the constraints of the past, embracing new realities and challenges in the workforce, as well as the new approaches to help teams succeed in ways that were not previously possible.

“The future of work includes hybrid work environments, a fluid workforce, and networked collaborations. The systems, tools and structures organizations use have to accommodate this new reality,” said Anne McGhee Stinson, Director of Practice at InteraWorks. “We’re helping teams move away from an outdated, compartmentalized, model and into the possibilities represented by an integrated open-source experience that provides an operating model of transparency and collaboration.”

“We can’t create new results using the same mindset and tools that we’ve been using for years. We’re supporting the future of teaming and the new possibilities that will change the way teams work,” said Laurie Oswald, InteraWorks CEO. “We’re especially excited to continue bringing new training and development opportunities to clients who are ready for more and better results, including the utilization of the Microsoft Teams tool.”

As with all InteraWorks programs, EDGE for Teams will be offered live remotely, in hybrid settings, and onsite as it is safe to do so.

Contact Cathey Stamps for more information about EDGE for Teams