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InteraWorks Leader Anne McGhee Stinson to Speak at Leadership Series Conference in Denver

Denver, CO

Anne McGhee-Stinson will join host and conference creator Greg Aden in the anchor presentation of the August 11th Leadership Development Conference. McGhee-Stinson is Co-Founder and Director of Practice for international training and development company InteraWorks. “[The focus will be] the complexity of our environment that demands new ways of thinking,” said McGhee-Stinson. “Our speakers will be demonstrating these concepts and challenges through words and action. The question is then how will YOU break through to new ways of thinking and being in the upcoming years.”

Part two of the 2022 series that featured InteraWorks CEO Laurie Oswald in April, this livestreamed day of learning brings together leaders from around the country and across a wide range of channels to share their wisdom and insights. The purpose is to help viewers and participants uplevel their own leadership skills personally and professionally. The event will be recorded in full to allow registrants to view the conference content on demand.

The event will include both live-onsite and remote options for attendance. Use the code Interaworks for a 10% discount on registration.


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