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InteraWorks Joins International Overload Research Group

InteraWorks® is pleased to share that Director of Practice, Anne McGheeStinson, has joined the Information Overload Research Group (IORG) Steering Committee. Anne’s years of
research and study in the field of neurolinguistics and certifications as a Master NLP practitioner and coach made her natural fit for this group’s mission.

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InteraWorks Expands International Team

InteraWorks® is pleased to announce the expansion of our team in both delivery and operations to better serve our enterprise client partners in the US and abroad. Joining our facilitation team are Steve Chapleski in Denver, CO, Hiren Modi in Gujarat, India, and ML Banchoff and Frank Leitzman in Austin, TX. Joining our Operations team in Austin, TX, is Nicole Gilbert and in Omaha, NE, Kris Gleason.

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