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Fall into a New Routine

As we head into a new season, new habits, routines, and schedules appear. How do you manage your schedule with integrity? Having a routine not only guides you through your day, but also brings mental, physical, and emotional benefits to your life.

Here are some tips on how to stay “on top of it all” into Fall.

1) Organize your workspace.
Where does your computer live? Where do you create your to-dos and manage your calendar? Make this space your own. Focus on getting your space organized and balanced. This could mean emptying out the drawers of your desk, removing clutter on top of your desk, disinfectant wiping your desk, or even adding pictures and items that bring you joy

2) Take a deep dive into your calendar.
Go through your schedule and create ‘gold time.’ What is ‘gold time’ you ask? This is the time in your day that is your own to do something for yourself; mark this time on your calendar just for you. When you set the tone for your day, you will have success with your schedule.

3) Create an email routine.
When you return to your email system, take the time to read every email. No, do not answer them, not yet. Let the emails marinate in your head and let the responses wait. We have all become very systematic in our responses, sensing the urgency to hit reply. Instead, spend the time to articulate your response so you do not have to send six follow-up emails on the same topic.

4) You knew it was coming. Create an exercise routine.
I’m not telling you to hit the gym seven days a week. There is a simplicity to exercise such as going outdoors and breathing fresh air. Instead of driving to your mailbox, try walking. How about you take the next Zoom call outside? Quit driving around and looking for that front row spot, park your car a little further from the front door. And yes, I am going to say it, if you want to achieve your exercise goals, re-read number 2 and put it on your calendar!

5) Yes, do it again. Take yourself back to Numbers 1 & 2.
Are they working? What changes could you make? If you really want to develop a rhythm and set balance, be easy on yourself! This could take as long as three weeks. Realizing what works will help illuminate your true beliefs about your rhythm and eliminating what doesn’t work will remove the chaos.

6) Flexibility.
All experts and coaches agree on one thing: the most important aspect of change is to be flexible and kind to yourself. If one thing doesn’t work out, don’t let your mind spin out of control. Take a deep breath and know that there will be changes and adjustments.

It’s very common to dismiss the simplicity of these habits but thinking about your needs is the most important thing you can do. You have set your intentions. Now that you have reset your workspace, calendar, emails, and exercise routine, you may find yourself are more focused and productive. And with the new season approaching, now is the best time to create this new balance.

Author – Nicole Gilbert

Learning + Social Media Coordinator

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