Laurie Oswald

Laurie Oswald

CEO & Relationship Lead

What’s good for people IS good for business! Leading organizations understand that and invest in personal and professional development at all levels. They also view their best asset as their human capital. They recognize that performance lies in increasing each person’s overall work and life capacity and their engagement in both. Our Fortune 500 clients benefit from our leading programs that do just that, impact business results that actuallywork! They also work every day witha team that walks the talk and brings passion and realness to their commitment to serve.

I spent over 20 years in the corporate technology and manufacturing sectors. I know firsthand the challenges inherent of professionals at all levels in large organizations to prioritize, execute, and achieve results while building and maintaining a full and healthy life.My focus has been to implement large-scale development programs to increase performance and to help people accomplish great things with joy and infinite capacity.

I am passionate about giving back and therefore advise several other companies doing great work in the world. I also co-founded a foundation to provide access to performance programs for non-profits and projects worldwide. When off the grid, I love spending time with my family in Tennessee and Florida, being outdoors as much as possible. Hiking and boating especially!

Herein lies the possibility; to be productive in the most meaningful sense of the word, to live in alignment with your values, to know who you really are as a leader or as a team, to keep growing, and to bring your fullest and unique potential to the most pressing endeavors. That’s human fuel –for you, for your organization, and for the planet.Life is indeed short. Let’smake it count together.