Laurie Oswald

Laurie Oswald CEO InteraWorks

Laurie Oswald

CEO & Relationship Lead

Laurie spent over 20 years in the corporate technology and manufacturing sectors. She knows firsthand the challenges inherent of professionals at all levels in large organizations to prioritize, execute, and achieve results while building and maintaining a full and healthy life. Laurie maintains that what is good for people is good for business and an organization’s best asset is their human capital. Her focus at InteraWorks is implementing large-scale development programs that increase performance and help people accomplish great things with joy and infinite capacity.

Prior to joining the business world, Laurie graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Industrial Engineering. Laurie is passionate about giving back and advises several other companies doing great work in the world. She also co-founded our Best Year Yet Foundation to provide access to performance programs for non-profits and projects worldwide.

When off the grid, Laurie loves spending time with her family in Tennessee and Florida, being outdoors as much as possible and hiking and boating especially!