Kristen Lambert

Kristen Lambert InteraWorks

Kristen Lambert

Learning Coordinator

As a key part of the InteraWorks client engagement team, Kristen provides a bridge between our relationship leads and the facilitation team for seamless collaboration.  She also delivers high quality and efficient coordination to ensure a sound client experience. 

Kristen has many years of client support experience, mainly in the financial services and insurance industries, with her last role in corporate learning catapulting her into a new-found passion. For her and for the whole InteraWorks team, her role as a Learning Coordinator is a perfect fit!

With a degree in Sociology, and an affinity for helping others, she is naturally people-centric and enjoys being a key touchpoint for clients.  She’ll always ensure client needs are met, even if it means thinking outside of the box.

Kristen lives in Wisconsin with her little family of three. Outside of the office she enjoys music,
time with friends, reading, spending as much time as possible outdoors, and road trips.