Sarah Furrier

Kessa Carroll

Content Design & Facilitator

Kessa Carroll is a content and instructional designer who enjoys finding creative ways to break down complex concepts. She believes learning is most successful when information is effective, engaging, and immersive. Her understanding of instructional theory has enabled her to cater to a wide variety of industries including public education, health, and manufacturing.  She has extensive experience researching, planning, and developing courses, programs, and curricula. Visualizing how thoughts and ideas can translate into a course and user experience is not only her passion but her specialty!



Kessa graduated from California State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She is now a happy resident of Austin, TX.  When she is not busy creating content, she is playing her piano and writing music. Other pastimes include hanging out with friends and family, cooking brussels sprouts in a variety of ways, and reading epic sci-fi/fantasy series.