Kenny O’Neil

Kenny Oneil InteraWorks

Kenny O’Neil

Logistics Coordinator

Kenny came to InteraWorks with over 30 years of experience in Fortune 500 high-tech companies. Over the course of his career thus far, Kenny has had roles in program management, business operations, data analytics, pricing system management, field marketing, and computer systems engineering. Kenny is known to be very detailed, analytical, and continually problem-solving. He’s passionate about seeing everyone get treated with respect and he seeks to listen for understanding.

Kenny decided to join InteraWorks as a Learning Coordinator because he’d realized that his work life balance was not aligned with his highest priorities and he was seeking a change. He was drawn to the organization because not only do they teach others skills for identifying priorities and improving work-life balance, but they also live what they teach and lead by example for their clients. He is invested in ensuring that our clients love partnering with InteraWorks.


Mountain biking is Kenny’s biggest passion. He also loves camping, woodworking, and spending time with his wife, kids, and grandkids.