Jennifer Wilmoth

Jennifer Wilmoth

Relationship Lead & Facilitator

Anything is possible. It’s simply a matter of identifying what you want and doing one next thing.

To witness people recognizing their own strengths through another person’s sharing, or realizing they’re not alone when someone relates to their struggle or sharing best practices and encouraging a coworker to be a more empowered version of him/herself –  these acts of connection and collaboration inspire Jennifer. And teach her. Which is why she has devoted her 20-year career to coaching and facilitating individuals and teams to get more of what they want.

By providing models to identify and clarify goals combined with practical, easy-to-adopt tools for focus, integrity and accountability, Jennifer has had the honor of watching thousands of people adopt new behaviors that have led them to results they hadn’t imagined possible. She has coached Executives and Administrators to create powerful partnerships, facilitated a Sales Team to “finally” be the leader of their region, observed a Leadership team create alignment amidst a contentious situation, and heard the successes from countless individuals: “I sleep better”, “I went on vacation” “I’m more relaxed” and “I feel more in control.” Neuroscience-based Leadership, Belonging and Inclusion, and differently wired brains are all topics that ignite her passion. As does a good joke!


Jennifer loves to have fun!  You may find her outdoors hiking, digging in the dirt in her garden, or soaking up the sun on a beach. Or she could be indoors cooking, reading, or snuggling and napping with her dogs. In March, she streams the Iditarod (Alaskan Dog Mushing race) because she’s inspired by an athletic competition where men and women from 16 to 70 compete against each other, with the HAPPIEST dogs EVER. However, nothing sates her desire for adventure like a road trip, out exploring our beautiful country, with her loving and supportive husband.