Jennifer Bried

Jennifer Bried


I’m a passionate, people-loving go-getter, living out a mission to increase joy in our busy lives. I believe time is our most precious resource and this life has so much to soak up, there’s no sense wasting it on distractions and detours that aren’t meaningful. We all have a purpose for our lives, and a magic all our own to live out that purpose, so aligning with our strengths and operating from what we naturally do well, is what generates the best results.

Since work obviously accounts for an enormous chunk of our time on this planet, I like to dive in with two feet and enjoy. In the classroom, I help people embrace the learning process and stretch themselves a step beyond their comfort zone. It’s important that out time together is not simply transferring knowledge, but an opportunity for transformation that sticks!

I received my BA from University of Arizona in media arts and business. Since 2005 I’ve been partnering with people to create new results around maximizing effectiveness at work and life through coaching, training and hands-on organizing. I’ve been with Effective Edge since early 2012 and am fortunate enough to lead our awesome team of Performance Specialists. Additionally, I oversee hiring, onboarding of new team members and dabble in content development work.

I love live music, snowboarding, the bible, boating, yoga, riding quads, hanging with my incredible family and eating desserts of any kind.