Devon Foote InteraWorks

Devon Foote

Technology and Learning Coordinator

As the Technology and Learning Coordinator at InteraWorks, Devon oversees research, coordination, and training on technology (both internally and externally) for our clients – including virtual and blended learning. He also manages logistics, learning engagement support, and technology consultation. With 16+ years of experience in sales, IT support, and the telecommunications industry, Devon provides a robust and well-rounded support system not only for our clients but our team as well.

Devon’s previous experience as a photographer and a videographer also gives him a keen eye for the smallest details. When introducing a new technology or aligning on logistics, he is able to strategize and implement with precision. Devon’s goal is always to provide an honest, clear, and direct experience.

Outside of the office, Devon enjoys spending time with his family, playing music, training for races, and spending time outdoors.

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