Cathey Stamps

Cathey Stamps

Marketing & Partner Lead

Connection, collaboration, growth, creativity –these are the pieces that for me define the best of humanity. Helping people put this into sustainable practice is my passion and the thread that runs through every part of my personal and professional life.

Originally from Nashville, I lived a successful dual career as a psychotherapist and a working musician before moving into full-time marketing and communications. I received my BA in Broadcasting, working at the Nashville CBS television affiliate before getting my Master’s degree in Social Work. I developed a healthy private practice and was active in community work of all kinds, both of which helped me gain understanding of group dynamics in multiple settings and the key roles that individual empowerment, engagement, and creativity play in success at every level.

Stepping into my role as Chief Connection Officer felt right from the beginning. In additional to my work as a Master Facilitator, I train and support our international partner network, which provides me the honor of staying connected as a global citizen and working with an amazing group of people who are creating spectacular results for their clients. I also provide support for the Best Year Yet® Foundation, our nonprofit that provides the powerful resources of Best Year Yet® to organizations who serve those who serve our communities.

I still play percussion and arrange music professionally in Nashville, TN and love reading great fiction, watching roller derby, getting in plenty of beach time when I can, and hanging out with family and friends. You can easily identify me in the mix by that little bit of Southern twang that will be there until the day I die.