Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Jinny Ditzler

It has been one of my life’s great blessings to count Jinny Ditzler as a friend and a mentor. An author, coach, thought leader, and Best Year Yet co-founder, Jinny spent her life and energy on a mission to leave the world better than she found it. 

 I’ve always had a deep personal connection to her mission to “support an ever-growing community of people who are ready to produce the results that matter most and who then support and inspire others to do the same.”   She and her work are the inspiration for the Best Year Yet Foundation and a testament to the impact that can be made by sharing our skills, insights, and resources with others.

Jinny’s focus was always about reach – touching as many lives as possible to empower them to create a world that works for everyone.  It’s our honor to continue that legacy with the work we do through the Best Year Yet Foundation and in partnership with a tremendous, heart-led company like InteraWorks.

We honor Jinny’s life-long mission here and carry the mantle forward with the Jinny Ditzler Legacy Initiative.

Jinny’s impact will live on forever, and we are committed to bringing her transformational vision to those who would never otherwise have the ability to access or afford this work.  In partnership with the Best Year Yet Foundation, 100 % of all donations to the Jinny Ditzler Legacy Initiative will go directly to programs that support nonprofit organizations and community groups, and millions across the globe. 

The reach is already wide and having a huge impact, including family and children services in Poland, technology education to empower impoverished young men in India, child and teen programs in Nebraska and Colorado, nonprofit leadership groups in Tennessee and Nebraska, women entrepreneur programs in North Carolina, a women and girls in technology group in Wisconsin, and many more.  

This is deeply meaningful to us, not only because of our deep love and admiration for the way Jinny touched our lives, but also our opportunity to live our values every day by empowering people to be their very best, all over the world. 

We hope you’ll join us in this work and enduring legacy of Jinny’s lifelong mission. Your donation will help us continue support for those on the front lines – providing services, support, inspiration, and education to change the lives of their clients, families, and communities. They need our help to stay focused, organized, empowered, and cohesive to combat the long hours, staff burnout and turnover, often limited resources, and high demand for services. 

The more we strengthen and broaden this community of difference-makers, the more we believe we truly make the world a better place.

Thank you for your support of our work and Jinny’s legacy of transforming lives. You are helping us make the difference. 

Aaron Cohen 

Executive Director 

Best Year Yet Foundation

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