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Passage to the Next Beginning

All endings are simply the passage to the next beginning. As an extraordinary 2020 ends, naturally our attention shifts to a new year with new challenges and opportunities.  There is an inevitable sense of renewal when we have a new year to look forward to and our hearts and minds become enlivened with the prospect.

As we consider the intentions we want to focus on in this new year, it’s important that we also bring a sense of completion to the past, so our attention is not burdened by accumulated baggage we could easily dispose of. What accomplishments buoyed our progress last year despite the challenging circumstances?  What disappointments do we carry that can be left behind? What roles did we carry throughout the year ─ or, more likely, years ─ that no longer serve us?

It takes courage to leave the past behind – and face an uncertain future. But that is precisely the reason why we need to be willing to leave behind these familiar parts of our lives. I believe the dynamic change of the past year is just a warm-up for what is to come, and this will require improving our ability to adjust, to be adaptable in new ways. This can be scary for some, but it is also undeniably exciting, and for those prepared to embrace this emerging new reality, the possibilities are exciting indeed.

So let us begin 2021 by letting go of the past and embrace creating a compelling future – one in which our increasing empathy and compassion for one another lead to greater understanding and opportunity for all. The future needs our attention. Let’s create it together.

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Author – Anne McGhee-Stinson

Director of Practice and General Manager

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We’ve defined four conditions that must exist for an individual, team or organization to be effective within the arena of performance and development; Accountability, Focus, Alignment, and Integrity. We’ll continue to explore these and more in our blog and look forward to your engagement and interaction with us. Stay tuned as we engage the edges.