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Complex Work Environments Demand a New Way of Thinking


The skills most essential to success in a complex work environment are ones that are not usually taught– “soft” skills like how to focus, collaborate, communicate, and adjust when the going gets tough. How can we expect to thrive in complex environments when we don’t have the essential skills we need? With the right skills, people naturally access their inner resources to accomplish amazing things.

The Essentials Programs

The Essentials Programs introduce new content and highly experiential learning to take employee performance to a new level. Each is designed to help you to deal with the most common workplace challenges that can throw you and your team off track. All programs address how our brains can develop habitual ways of thinking that limit our ability to lead, communicate, innovate, and adjust in ever-evolving complex environments. We then provide cutting edge perspectives combined with immediately implementable and practical tools to deepen your learning and develop a sense of mastery.

Workshops that Work


Focused into four specific areas: Resiliency@Work, Conversations@Work, Leaders@Work, and Design@Workthe Essentials Programs are offered in various formats and can be taken in combination with one of our core programs or on their own to fit your individual, team, and organizational needs. Each program deepens your understanding and ability to generate consistent results. 

Benefits to organizations from any of these programs include:

  • Enhanced ability to adapt in the face of change
  • Improved sense of personal responsibility
  • Increased productivity
  • Better communication
  • Stronger interpersonal relationships



Participants in Resiliency@Work are introduced to neuroscience-based practices that now have 30+ years of compelling scientific data to back them up. These practices focus on how to utilize awareness to gain access to our deepest resources and create more positive outcomes. Developing our mental, emotional and physical resiliency fosters the ability to focus amid distractions, and take calm, clear action in the face of complexity.

Results in this area focus on:

  • Create more awareness of the environment, ourselves, the situation, and others
  • Suspend quick judgements
  • Avoid getting drawn into emotional entanglements
  • See multiple points of view without getting caught in endless discussion
  • Empathize deeply with what is taking place

Resiliency@Work is particularly helpful for organizations needing help with change management as it helps people tap into their own internal resources to create more positive outcomes.



This program develops skills that help you talk with anyone about anything to reach alignment on important matters. Conversations@Work is designed to create communications that are relevant, meaningful, and enable open and authentic interactions. Participants gain the skills they need to manage conversations when the emotions are strong and the stakes are high.

Results in this area focus on:

  • Demonstrate skills to better manage workplace challenges
  • Mitigate the risks of having a challenging conversation
  • Achieve results faster with fewer conflicts
  • Build more authentic relationships while tackling tough conversations

Conversations@Work is particularly useful as part of an organization’s broader leadership training program.



The Leaders@Work program focuses on a Leader’s ability to create alignment, focus, integrity and accountability in any team effort. This ability is the competitive advantage that makes the difference between success and failure in team endeavors. Leaders who can harness the creative energy of the people working on a project or change effort, create more innovative solutions, and can adjust to rapidly changing complex environments.

Results in this area focus on:

  • Create an empowering perspective for teams to generate results
  • Generate a solution-oriented mindset
  • Practice handling breakdowns in agreements and commitments and provide peer coaching for improvement

Leaders@Work is particularly effective for team leaders and executives who want to help their teams through complexity or change.



This highly interactive program introduces learners to the basics of the Design Thinking methodology. Design Thinking is a 3-step process for innovating customer-centric solutions to complex problems.

In this program, participants learn how to: 

  • Understand the shift from traditional problem solving to Design Thinking and the types of problems or situations appropriate for the Design Thinking approach
  • Practice asking new questions to create an empathetic approach and uncover unexpected opportunities
  • Apply visualization and brainstorming to generate more creative, customer-centric solutions
  • Prototype powerful new ideas to increase use of creativity, intuition, and learning

Design@Work is particularly insightful for organizations needing help with complexity and rapidly changing situations when linear problem solving is no longer working.



In this powerful conflict resolution workshop, participants learn how to dissipate tension and incorporate understanding and problem-solving to change the dynamic and activate the best in themselves and others.

Results in this area focus on:

  • Higher level skills to address differences and reach alignment
  • New strategies to de-personalize conflict
  • More participation from team members
  • Earlier and better interventions in conflict scenarios

Conflict@Work is particularly powerful in teams or as part of an organization’s broader leadership, employee engagement, and DE&I training programs.

Mastery Practices Continue the Transformation


As with all our programs, the Essentials also includes Mastery Practices — monthly learning sessions that are complimentary and facilitated live. These 1-hour micro-learning bites help support implementation and integration of what’s been learned. It’s amazing what a difference one hour can make. 

What Our Clients Say

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